Ten Ways to be Better at Creating A Winning Business Culture

1.Great Environment Have the place you work comfortable, with all resources in place. You have to get this right first, before expecting a great culture. 2.

Be Very Clear Through having a set of standards you state clearly and a process for identifying to people exactly what is expected of them, there will be no surprises. People will have their goals and targets. It will be easy for them to understand and deliver. 3.

Encourage Sharing Through your own modelling, you can help all of your people to work closely together in a generous and supportive way. Be the 'shining beacon' in this. 4. Be a Champion Shout your loudest for how proud you are of your people as individuals and as a team. By flying their flag you will gel positive team spirit with individual performance.

5. Listen and Talk Make contact with your people regularly, both formally and informally. Just listen to what they have to say, value their contribution (really, and show it!) and tell them the stuff they need to know.

6. Be a Part Get yourself into the team. Show you are interested in the work they do - and even work with them too. Take the time and trouble to understand their work, their issues and their experiences. 7.

Watch for Opportunity Times will come when more can happen to bond your people together. They may not be obvious - so get alerted to these chances offered. Fine tune your awareness and go for it! 8. Appreciate Effort Say 'thank you' and let people know they have done well - especially when they've gone an extra mile for you. Not only will they do it again, but you will also build your personal relationship with them and the culture.

9. Encourage Where you have the opportunity, take the time to encourage the next phase of their growth. Make it a priority. People love to know how they are doing and what they can expect in their future. Give them some picture of their potential and a route to achieve it. 10.

Let it Happen Having an ongoing culture that works well is just something that can evolve. So keep out of the way as this wondrous thing starts to take place. Great cultures become self-fulfilling! By Creating A Winning Business Culture, it gives your business an extra dimension - like it's one big being, rather than loads of individuals working together.

©2006 Martin Haworth is a Management Coach. He has hundreds more at his website, Coaching Businesses to Success.

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