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Tool time: how one entrepreneur built a better screwdriver—and used smart networking to get it into Sears stores nationwide
Don Debelak

PRODUCT DESCRIPTION: The Grip-N-Drive is an upgrade from the typical ratcheting screwdriver. Kenner patented the product's rubber grip mechanism: It spins freely in either direction, but then deforms to grip down on the screwdriver's handle when squeezed. A package of five Grip-N-Drive screwdrivers (two Phillips and three slotted screwdrivers) sells for $19.99 at Sears stores nationwide under the Craftsman label.
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Reality check: a look back at the growing pains and gains made by the stars of the startup, Entrepreneur and AOL'S year-long reality series
by Geoff Williams

What sounded like a novel experiment to a freelance writer, several Entrepreneur editors and a handful of producers at AOL's Small Business programming department must have sounded like a dream come true to a small group of entrepreneurs last year. That's because Entrepreneur and AOL teamed up in April 2004 to launch an online reality series, The Startup. For an entire year, four different startup businesses would be followed, and readers could chart the entrepreneurs' progress.
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Change is in the air: Entrepreneur's redesign is moving us forward and giving you even more of what you want
by Rieva Lesonsky

A FORMER ENTREPRENEUR employee and longtime friend just became the editor of a popular decorating magazine. In her inaugural editor's note she recalled her "change-phobic" past and the day a co-worker (that would be me) left a note on her desk simply saying, "Change is good."

If you're a regular reader of Entrepreneur, you likely have already figured out the reason I mention change. This issue looks different--very different. Several months ago, I had a fairly short conversation with Carrie Fitzmaurice, Entrepreneur's publisher, and Lisa Murray, director of marketing, about tweaking Entrepreneur's look, touching it up here and there. But then I recalled the advice my grandfather gave my mom many years ago: "If you're going to do something, don't do it halfway." I realized that rather than wade in, we should just take the plunge.
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Rock and roll entrepreneur: Frank Zappa's true legacy
by Nick Gillespie

Was Frank Zappa, the memorably mustachioed musician who died in 1993 of prostate cancer, rock and roll's answer to Herman Melville? Maybe so, and not just because the Moby-Dick scribe sported some pretty odd facial hair.

Writing about Melville and other American Renaissance writers, Lionel Trilling argued in The Liberal Imagination that our culture is "dialectic" and that our most representative figures "contain a large part of the dialectic within themselves, their meaning and power lying in their contradictions."
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Sharing the love: what's it really like being married to an entrepreneur?
by Geoff Williams

EVER SINCE she met her husband, Junab Ali, Denise All has known that she would always be, in a sense, "the other woman." "We've known each other since we were 15," says Denise, "and he's always talked about having his own business. When it finally happened, it wasn't a big surprise." Except for the timing: Their baby was 6 months old in 2000, when Junab, now 32, quit his lucrative day job to start San Antonio-based Mobius Partners, offering computer infrastructure solutions to small businesses. Whenever Denise couldn't calm their crying baby, she knew the noise might be disturbing Junab, especially if he was on the phone--he was just down the hall in the spare bedroom/office.
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Popularity puzzle: how to be the entrepreneur everyone wants to do business with
by Romanus Wolter
In today's fast-paced world, entrepreneurs can no longer create success alone. We need to inspire others to help us gather the right resources and establish the necessary contacts to achieve our goals. Since people like to work with those they respect and trust, a top priority for an entrepreneur is to develop a positive business reputation. [more]

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