Dallas Office Space Following The Green Trend

Setting a trend in the Dallas commercial real estate industry, the McKinney Green building is the most eco-friendly office building in the Dallas-Ft. Worth area. This is a multi-tenant Dallas office space that gets ten percent of its electricity from outdoor solar panels. The McKinney Green building is absolutely full of recycled materials.

The carpets are made out of recycled soda bottles and the building even recycles rain water. This was an $11.4 million office project and it was built as a prototype for future projects. With rising costs of everything from energy and gas to building materials combined with environmental concerns, this green trend in commercial real estate and Dallas office space is just the beginning.

Dallas Office Space Trending Green over the Next Ten Years Dallas commercial real estate experts predict that green office space will not be an important differentiator over the next twenty-four months, but over the next ten years is a different story. The extra initial costs of going green during a slowed economy does not appeal to many businesses and a third of companies which were surveyed on the topic revealed they did not currently have plans to use green construction techniques on upcoming projects. Longer term, however, one expert predicts that green construction may even be considered a "price of admission". As the cost of green construction improves and technologies are perfected into cost-effective solutions, the Dallas office space industry will likely prove to embrace the trend over the next ten years.

Green Office Buildings Give Cleaner Corporate Image Companies who embrace the green office building trend are rewarded with a cleaner corporate image. Businesses in Corporate America overall are beginning to care about their environmental footprints and are becoming much more conscientious about their operations. One developer based in Dallas, Knoll Development Company, is even taking their green construction program beyond Texas. Knoll Development Company plans to put up more than a dozen green office space buildings, which the company calls Intellicenter buildings, in communities across the United States. Already Knoll Development Company has already completed one of the Intellicenter buildings in Atlanta, Georgia.

Steve Van Amburgh, the chief executive of Knoll Development predicts that ten years from now, ninety percent of all office and government buildings will be green. Choices in Dallas Office Space Those looking to lease office space in Dallas do have a variety of choices to choose from in varying communities and price ranges. For as little as $550 and going well into a higher price range depending on square footage and location, business owners can rent a Dallas office space to suit their needs. Whether you need one-hundred-fifty square feet of office space or several thousand square feet of office space, you can find the right Dallas office space for your operations. Regardless of whether your office space is green or just an affordable office space in just the right location, the important thing is to get your business running efficiently.

Your business can still do its part for the environment such as recycling and using energy efficient lighting.

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Dallas Office Space Following The Green Trend - Setting a trend in the Dallas commercial real estate industry, the McKinney Green building is the most eco-friendly office building in the Dallas-Ft.

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