Small Business Networking a Sure Palatable Route To Arrive At a Profitable End

An average small business owner may sometimes feel overwhelm with the plethora of existing and large corporations with deep pockets that must be compete against. Additionally the cost of advertising, marketing, sales and public relations to acquire new customers and retaining existing ones are capital intensive for a small business owner. However, business networking provides a sure palatable route to arrive at a profitable end. Also it's an extremely credible, yet inexpensive strategy to acquire new customers by creating and sustaining a gradual creation of trust that hinges on mutual relationship with diverse business owners and potential clients alike.

If done well it's proven to open their hearts to do business with you and refer others to your business. Now, you may quickly conclude in your heart: "Yes I know about networking, I often do it and nothing comes out of it" Well, let me quickly say this: You may yet to have a full grasp of the kind of networking I'm about to show you here. Sure, I am not talking about when you meet people, exchange pleasantries and laugh around. And it does not involve cocktail parties where you sip red wine, munch expensive 3-course meal and share business cards. On a face value consideration, you may be deceived to think that such event us akin to MUTUAL RELATIONSHIP but you are wrong to think so. Effective business networking then, requires that you learn how to initiate and master the concept of human-to-human mutuality, via the power of expressive voice and written words.

In other words, you must be a LISTENER rather than a talker, which entail focusing on solving the problems of whoever you're talking to, rather than struggling to impress him. Now let's do a bit of practice. Let's also assume you're a management consultant and one day, you find yourself seating beside someone inside an airplane.

Initiate a discussion by introducing yourself this way: "Hi, I am please to meet you." Wait for his response, and then with a smile on your face, carry on: "My name is Pete Sammy, I assist companies experiencing low sales to identify hidden opportunities and make much more profits they never dreamt off!" Believe me, even if he's a rigid civil servant your introduction will trigger an emotional interest from him and he would want to know how you manage to assist companies this way. But don't ever be tempted to say more than that keep quiet. Allow him to ask questions to which you systematically provide answers, and prompt him to ask more questions. Do you know what this means? Socio-psychologists discovered that when a person is allowed to ask hearty questions he feel important, wanted and gradually build up likeness toward the listener. .

Turn your conversation into ongoing contact. At this stage ask for his permission to give him a valuable gift such as booklet, free report or white paper. You may ask: "Dave, would you like to see a FREE copy of my report titled: 5 methods to spot hidden opportunities in your business and profit forever?" What do you think his response will be? YES of course. Then finish up this way, "okay can I have you email to send the report in tomorrow?" Now look at this.

You trigger his interest with a powerful headline introduction, you both had hearty discussion about how you work, and he'd given you permission to send your report to his email. The hidden edge strength you'll get is that after sending the report, you have accessibility to call him and exchange further ideas. Even if he can't become a customer, he'll be open to refer others who'll to patronize you. But make sure you ask for referral.

Though there're other proven and successful networking methods such as joining a networking group. However, before joining any group, start by writing on a jotter if you want a strictly business oriented-group or a social group of business owners? Or, maybe you would like to form a networking group and invite others to join or simply aspire to hold an important position in existing one in your business domain? Every small business networking strategy demand that you should do constant follow- ups on new referral and clients. Always remember to say 'thank you' for every new customer sent your way, and be careful no to burn your bridges that is, don't offend people who're introducing clients to you and treat them with respect they deserve.

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