Marketing an MLM Business Offline or Online

Starting an MLM Business can be a very exhilarating experience. Dreams of financial success fill your mind. When you begin to get involved in the practical matters of marketing your MLM business, you realize the difficulties that face you.

Bringing your MLM Business to the attraction of potential prospects can be a daunting task. Using the Internet you must concern yourself with SEO Optimization, lead capture pages and autoresponders with prewritten sales messages Most Mlm distributors today use only the Internet to bring prospects into their recruiting process. They tend to overlook Offline Advertising methods to their own detriment.

The MLM Distributor of today loses many opportunities to expand and grow their business. Marketing an MLM Business Online can be too easy sometimes.We live in a society of instant gratification. You can place an ad online and have it published immediately. No one wants to wait for "snail mail" to work.

It also seems to be much more expensive than email. These are amontg the items you must consider in deciding between Offline or Online Marketing. Just like you, I have resquested information online to be delivered to my email box. Often I only get about 50% of what I requested. Email deliverability rates are falling like a rock! This type of deliverablity rate is unheard of in snail mail. You spend so much money to aquire a prospect, yet chances are you lose them at the very outset of an email campaign.

With the use of snail mail or more specifically postcards, you can be assured of reaching st least 90% of your prospects. Most of these people will read the postcard. You can't say the same thing about an email campaign.

If you are lucky enough to get your email thru the spam filters, chances are it won't be read because of the keen competition online. Since most MLM Business's market online only, there is very little competition for your postcard in a prospects mailbox. The most successful MLM business owners will be those who use both Online and Offline Marketing. Use all marketing mediums at your disposal to overcome your competition.

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