Looking For Joint Venture Partners To Invest In Resort Community

With the recent announcement by Ginn's CEO Bobby Ginn, allowing members in good standing to utilize other Ginn Resorts was something I had looked forward to for years. Recently, in the past couple of years, Vacation Resort Clubs have utilized the Real Estate market slowdown to increase membership with a sales pitch of the risks of buying homes and the potential of declining equity. However, what they don't tell you is the expensive up front fees, and the high yearly fees you have to pay. In some cases the upfront cost and yearly fees are more than the cost of owning a home. You are told that your membership will maintain its value and even increase in the upcoming years.

There is no guarantee of that! Members join because of the flexibility to be able to visit different high end luxury resort destinations. Times are about to change?I am putting together partners to invest together, and who are interested in purchasing homes in Reunion Resort & Club of Orlando. This eliminates the risk of owning million dollar homes.

Since Reunion Resort is used mostly a secondary home, owners would enjoy vacationing in any of Ginns Resorts that were included in the announcement. This is a great opportunity for families who love visiting different places each year and allows part ownership in real estate which over years has been one of the safest investments. I am trying to get up to 6 allowable owners approved by the Ginn Organization. For those of you who have always had dreams of owning million dollar homes now is your opportunity! I am not sure how long you will be allowed to joint partnership with others but why wait? Reunion is centrally located near Walt Disney World and just look at all of the development surrounding Reunion. Disney is extending right to the back yard of legends corner, Champions gate is building a downtown shopping center near the Publix shopping center right off I-4. Right off 27 a new shopping mall is underway.

This year with the values of the homes adjusted downwards there should be a lower tax structure in place. Ginn has announced the extension of Phase 2 to the water park, building additional pools, and building a temporary Legends Corner Clubhouse. Of all the Ginn owned properties Reunion resort is the most developed and the location is one of the best.

Don't miss up an opportunity to enjoy ownership with minimal risk, I will put joint owners together if this interests you.

F. Lanni is a Top Producing Realtor in the Million Dollar Club http://orlandoreunionresorthomes.com

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