Intense Cycles For Advanced Lifters Part

When it comes to your chosen lift you will need to establish your one rep maximum, mainly because the cycle is calculated on the % of the determined maximum lift. Should you be lacking a 1rep max for your lifts, then your training schedule is definitely under cared for or maybe you just don't like heavy weights. You should be able to calculate it based on previous experience or you can test yourself out properly. It's up to you. Anyway, regardless of the lift you choose the cycle looks the same. The following chart shows the training frequency and intensity for the chosen lift, it's an old chestnut of a routine but as an introduction to specialisation it is perfect.

Ideas for the rest of the program will follow. Monday Wednesday Friday Wk 1 80% (62)* 80% (63) 80% (62) Wk 2 80% (64) 80% (62) 80% (65) Wk 3 80% (62) 80% (66) 80% (62) Wk 4 85% (55) 80% (62) 90% (44) Wk 5 80% (62) 95% (33) 80% (62) Wk 6 100% (22) 80% (62) 102-110% (new max) *(62) means 6 sets of 2 reps, not 2 sets of 6 reps you muppets! Whaddya think this is? An aerobics routine? Hehehehe. The percentages are calculated from your one rep max, so get your calculators out boys and girls. Now if you are a typical bodybuilder and you train like they tell you in "Muscle and Shitness" then you probably just crapped in your shiny wet look posing trunks.

"Train one lift three times a week? Is he nuts?" "6 sets of 6 reps with 80%.sounds complicated" Well, here's a quick wake up call. "Enhanced" Olympic lifters, track athletes and powerlifters train up to 30 times a week and get great results. I am drug free and manage to hit deadlifts over 220Kg up to 5 times in a training week, and that is just bloody NORMAL.

Now a bodybuilder is not advised to session being heavy and no sets being taken to failure is NOT a high volume program by any stretch of the imagination. Par for the course will be that you have to eventually drop the low intensity (6 sets of 2 reps @ 80%) during the 4th or 5th week. You will soon realise when a change is necessary when your recovery times begin to get out of hand.

You will have to get to at least week 3 before you increase load and reduce volume in order to get tou your new max. (Coming Soon.Part 3).

Written By Leading Bodybuilding And Steroid Expert Mick Hart. For more bodybuilding and training tips visit Mick's new blog

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