Arta Properties For Sale

Arta is a very small town set in the foothills near Mallorca. It has a very small population of about 6000. Arta is surrounded by a beautiful and scenic country side, with plantations and green groves. The coastline is dotted with isolated islands and bays with crystal blue waters. Arta is a major crossroad to some of the popular tourist destinations. This ancient and medieval town of Arta has a history dating back 3000 years.

It presents a picture of beauty with tranquility, which gets a lot of attention from tourists who come here to relax and enjoy a peaceful holiday. Arta, with its historical background, leaves its visitors nostalgic and inspires them to come back for more. It can take you back in time through it cobweb of alleys and ancient roads to some of the remains of its bronze age settlements on the outskirts at Ses Paisses amidst olive groves.

The shrine on one of the hill tops is a famous tourist spot from where you can get a beautiful view of Arta's sun bleached rooftops. Tuesdays come alive in this town as the market is in full swing with all the locals around. A few minutes drive towards the south will bring you to the picturesque harbor of Manacor and Cala Rajada. Here the real estate is in demand as it has very many new developments with plenty of shops and restaurants. Further south you would come across Arta's caves with some special effects that spook its visitors who come in large numbers to take a look. The property prices in Arta are very reasonable when compared to other major towns.

This is a good investment opportunity for property seekers as the real estate prices are shooting up due to the tourist inflow to this small town. The real estate in the popular fishing village San Pere is in demand and many of the wealthy Spanish have their holiday homes here. The peaceful solitude of this place attracts many artists as well, who wish to paint and sketch in leisure and peace. Arta properties for sale include medieval architecture that could cost you millions elsewhere.

So buying one in Arta can get that dream historical place which you can be proud of. There are plenty of rustic and old buildings for sale in Arta. Apartments near the seashore can cost more than the interiors due to the panoramic view. It can range anywhere from 300,000 euros onwards for a three bedroom flat. Fincas are also expensive and can be found outside the town, whereas townhouses in the centre cost much less in comparison. On the outskirts of Arta there are relatively new constructions which can be interesting from investment point of view with its high quality of construction with various amenities.

If you are looking at investing in history and living in an ancient world - there is no better place than Arta.

Are you looking for a more traditional Majorca properties? Arta on the east coast of the island is an attractive Spanish town and may be the perfect place for you to find your dream Majorca property.

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